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Born: 2015
Rescued: 5-2023
Pygmy/Nigerian Cross Goat

Willy has been lucky enough to be a pet goat his entire life. When his original owners were moving away, the new owners asked if they could keep the goats- But they didn't realize how much work they would be. After one winter of struggling to provide good care to Willy, and his friend Lilly, they got in contact with the original owners, who called us and asked us if we could help. We had just lost our beloved goat Aleka, so we felt it was a sign from him- To not let our hearts grow cold just because we were sad.

Best Friends: Lilly, Twister, Louie

Likes: Lots of treats, being hugged, feeling like he's the boss, being in the barn

Dislikes: Feeling small, being bothered by children, Hoof trims, walking on a rope

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