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Born 6-2021
Rescued 2-2023
Mixed Breed Goat

Twister was born in a holding facility in Connecticut after his mother and all of her relatives were pulled from a severe hoarding case. Although he never experienced the neglect that his mother did, he did not live a very joyful life in the holding facility either. Twister joined us with his brother Louie, and they were both truly terrified of us for a long time. They were not very healthy, but most of all they had clearly never met a gentle human. Twister has come a long way, and we are so glad he finally knows happiness.

Best friends: Louie, Franklin, Marcel, Oskar

Likes: Being pet on the nose, apples, pumpkins, laying in the sun with his brother

Dislikes: Having his winter coat put on, new people, cold days

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