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Born 2017
Rescued 11-2019
Alpine Goat

Olive joined us when she was 2 years old, after her owners didn't feel like having a "milk" goat anymore. We were told that she had given birth one time, but her baby was not with her anymore by the time she reached us. Sadly, we have always felt that she is especially maternal because of this loss. When Olive came, Otis was just a few months old. She adored him from the very start. She has since lovingly cared for all the motherless kids and lambs that have found their way here. They all love her just as much as she loves them.

Best Friends: Otis, Pesto, Elliot, Oskar, Franklin, Marcel

Likes: Babies of all species,, being pet, bossing human kids around, thistles

Dislikes: Human kids that don't do what she wants, sporadic weather, rain

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