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Born 1-2021
Rescued 2-2022
Jacob Sheep

Nora was given to us by a farmer who didn't want her because he didn't like her markings. Her horns are also very tiny, and not attached to her skull, which is considered "undesirable" in Jacob Sheep. We had no other sheep at the time, so we told the farmer we would only take her if he gave us a friend as well. He gave us Nora's mother, who died 2 days later, with young Nora curled up alongside her. We believe the farmer agreed to give us Nora's mother because he knew she was very unwell, but we will never know. Nora is the most scared animal that we have living at The Greener Pasture. She does not allow us to pet her, but enjoys her days with her flock, and especially with Jack, very much.

Best Friends: Jack, Marcel, Franklin

Likes: Lots and lots of sleep, dry straw, being left alone, her sheep friends

Dislikes: Being sheered, being separated from her flock, hot summer days

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