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Born 1-2022
Rescued 4-2022
Hampshire Sheep

Marcel joined us when he pulled he and his brother Franklin from a farm where he was being advertised as an "Easter Lamb." We couldn't bear to let he and his brother die before they had even had a chance to live. He has taken a long time to become less afraid of humans, but as of late he can be pretty friendly and even approaches strangers sometimes. We have a few tricks for telling he and Franklin apart- Marcel's face is just a shade lighter than Franklin's, and Marcel has side burns and more fluff around all the edges of his face. Franklin is also generally more confident than Marcel.

Best Friends: Franklin, Nora, Jack, Twister, Louie, Elsie

Likes: Being with his herd, being pet on the chin, nibbling fingers

Dislikes: Being followed, being startled, fast moving people, noisy people

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