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Born: 2019
Rescued: 5-2023
Pygmy/Nigerian Cross Goat

Lilly joined us with Willy when her owner didn't feel equipped to care for her- But her story begins in a rougher place: When we shared online that we rescued her, somebody recognized her, and told us they had pulled her from a neglect case a few years prior. Lilly had been found in the woods, just minutes before the crew was going to leave the farm. Her mother was dead, and Lilly was hiding. The crew managed to catch her, and they adopted her out to the home where she grew up with Willy, until they ended up here. Lilly doesn't care to snuggle with us, but she isn't afraid of us anymore. We are happy for that.

Best Friends: Willy, Oskar, Jack, Nora

Likes: Being left alone, resting on her spool, being in the barn with Willy, mingling with the other small & docile goats and sheep

Dislikes: Being pet, rambunctious animals, loud noises

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