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Rescued 2023
Plymouth Rock Chicken

Hans joined us after we heard he was attacking his caretaker and she was very afraid of him. We were relieved that they spared Hans' life, because many roosters do not get nearly so lucky- But we were disappointed they could not learn to live with him peacefully. Instead, he is here.

Hans has taught us so very much about roosters. More than all of the others, combined. He is excessively friendly, and has no fear at all of humans, because he was hand raised. If we run from him- He will chase us. So we don't. If Hans is ever rough to us, we grab him, pick him up, and snuggle him. This can be hard to do, but it's so worth it, because he is the best snuggler! He follows us around, and if we ignore him, he will peck us. He likes humans, he trusts humans, so he can be naughty. But he can also be very very nice.

Likes: Being pet, being the center of attention, being where we are
Dislikes: When we are louder than him, wintertime, being ignored

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