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Born: 5-2022
Rescued: 8-2022
Mulefoot Cross Pig

Flower was born on a small farm that bred pigs, and sold their piglets. They liked Flower so much that they couldn't bear to sell her, and asked us if we would take her and raise her as a pet. We convinced them to give us Leafi too, so that Flower would have a friend. The two sisters are inseparable, and we are so glad they were spared the horrible fate that befalls nearly all pigs.

Best friends: Leafi, Lilly, Willy

Likes: Being endlessly kissed on the snout, being snuggled, enjoying all the treats, being covered entirely by fresh dry straw, a warm barn, swimming in the pond, cuddling with Leafi

Dislikes: Hoof trims, rolling over, being bothered when she's sleeping, eggplants

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