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Born 1-2018
Rescued 3-2018
Mangalitsa Pig

When Aideen was given to us, we knew she needed a friend but didn't feel we could afford to feed another cow, so we found her a little pig and named him Cicero. They adored he each other right from the start, and made the sweetest little pair. Now that they are both grown, they still spend a fair amount of time snuggled up together in the hay, but Cicero has become more of a grouchy old man than Aideen cares to put up with. He has finally stopped growing at more than 700 lbs, but he still gets around extremely well for his size. He is a fast runner and has no trouble on the hills or in the deep snow.

Best Friends: Aideen
Likes: his straw bed, his mud hole, swimming in the pond, being pet when he is in a good mood, occasional belly rubs, sleeping in late, exploring
Dislikes: Being bossed, being pet when he is not in a good mood, being woken from his naps

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