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Elsie's Story

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Our newest resident, Elsie, has had quite a few lucky breaks in her life. She was born on a dairy farm, and then sold shortly after to a hobby farm who planned to raise her to breed and milk her. That person's circumstances changed, and Elsie moved again. This time she ended up on a rescue farm.

The rescue farm had small animals, and one other cow, who played with Elsie over the fence. She was very loved.

As she continued to grow bigger and bigger, and the founder of the Rescue Farm began to struggle with her health, Elsie's situation was again, up in the air. Her cow friend found a new home at a sanctuary, and Elsie's owner continued to search for a place for her to go.

A message reached us. 

After a few days of thinking, and a beautiful day of watching our community come together to raise money for the life of this little cow- Elsie joined us.

She is only 10 months old, and shares a birthday month with our Queen Cow Aideen. Elsie is very gentle, likes to go for walks on her lead, is smart, curious, and often quite naughty.

Elsie has settled in so nicely, and this time it will be forever.

Please join us in a warm welcome for Elsie, and come meet her at our Springtime Rendezvous on May 18th.

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